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5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers make sense of all the madness that Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become.

It’s easy to think “How hard can it be to post on social media?” but as a business or brand, you don’t want to post just for the sake of posting.

Everything that goes on your feed should have a good reason to be there. It should be clear and concise and catch attention. Here's why your brand or business needs a social media manager:

1. You Need a Social Media Strategy

The biggest mistake I see businesses make is not having any sort of plan when it comes to what they are posting onto their social media accounts.

This tends to happen when someone who has other responsibilities in a company is also posting to the social media accounts. This isn’t a good plan, in fact, there’s no plan involved, and believe me, your customers and potential customers will notice.

Most businesses want social media to grow their client base, but to do that you need to post things that matter and tell the story of your brand.

This is why a Social Media Manager is important. It is their job to create a clear and concise plan across the board. A Social Media Manager will:

  • Create a Strategy before jumping in

  • Have content planned out for days or weeks in advance

  • Have a plan to bring in more engagement that can turn into leads or sales

You started posting on social media because you wanted to tell a story and wanted to catch the attention of potential customers, the problem is that so many businesses end up letting their social media fall into the back burner when they have other things on their plate.

2. Protect Your Brand Reputation and Community Management

When you have products you’re trying to sell then yes you can find customers on social media, but the customers can also find your brand. Sometimes they have questions or complaints and they end up piling up if you don’t have a social media manager handling those situations.

A social media manager can take on community management tasks when customers leave questions or concerns.

Having this one person who can spend time handling these situations is good for the customer but also good for your brand’s reputation.

3. Social Media is Always Changing

Every year there are changes made to all social media platforms. Sometimes more than once every year. When running a business it can be hard to keep up with everything that’s changing.

Things that worked a few weeks ago don’t seem to work anymore.

Engagement is down even though you’re doing the same things you always did.

A social media manager will know when the tide has turned and can keep things going as smoothly as possible with all the different changes and algorithms that pop up.

Hashtags work here but not there, is this too much text for a post or not enough?

A social media manager will know the answer.

4. Focus on Other Areas of Your Business

A social media manager will be able to free up a lot of your time to refocus on other areas of your business.

The problem I see often is when someone focuses too much time on their social media presence other areas begin to crack when other areas are the focus then social media falls apart.

When you have a social media manager then it is one less thing to worry about and allows you to go back and start new projects or put more energy into already existing projects.

Whatever it is you need to get back to, handing over control of posting on networks to a professional will be a big help.

5. Attract New Customers

A social media manager will go in and research exactly what your brand should be posting. They will go in and look into the competition, find the right hashtags when necessary and find the right people to talk about your brand.

The point of social media is to complement an already existing marketing plan, or even be the base for a brand new digital marketing plan.

You want to get real engagement and you want people to become interested in the story your brand is trying to tell (and sell).

Social media shouldn’t be an afterthought in this day and age.

Social Media Managers make it a priority to get your brand noticed and create the right audience that will turn into sales and retain customers.

Have any questions? Then reach out

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