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Wrote tech and gaming articles using search engine optimization techniques. 


Freelance writer for the tech website


While working as a Freelance writer for Lookeen, I wrote over 90 blog posts! All of which heavily focus on Microsoft Outlook and Windows issues. I also gained a more in-depth knowledge of SEO. 

Masonry Design Magazine

I had the opportunity to write an article for The Masonry Design magazine. It focused on using Virtual Reality in AEC. 

Metal and the Geek

Metal and the Geek is a fun entertainment blog I started to share my love of reading. It contains book reviews and discussion posts. While it's more for entertainment purposes than professional ones, it includes a lot of written work. 

Strasbourg Write a Story Contest

My short story I am Fine was shortlisted and published in their book for the year 2017. I am a technical writer but I am also a creative person that likes to write short stories once in a while. 

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